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On-site transportation of spent nuclear fuel

This business segment is dedicated to management of on-site transportation of spent fuel within the property of nuclear power plants. Such spent fuel generated by the plant is then transported to a reprocessing plant in Aomori Prefecture so that the fuel can be reused.
This work requires a high level of quality control and meticulous safety management due to the radioactive nature of the spent fuel.

Turning Spent Fuel into Reusable Energy

According to Japanese national policies, spent fuel generated by nuclear power plants is regarded as a valuable reusable energy resource.
This requires spent fuel to be transported to Rokkasho Village in Aomori Prefecture.
We play a supervisory role in a series of processes that can be managed only by a company with expertise in this area. Spent fuel stored at the nuclear power plant is placed in gigantic steel casks at the plant, after which the casks are loaded onto a special-purpose cargo ship.

Highly Skilled Work Requiring Extremely Stringent Quality Assurance

The radioactive nature of spent fuel means that meticulous care and a high degree of skill is required when handling it, and the work needs to be carried out with stringent quality control.
The dispatch of the spent fuel must be supervised by government-designated inspectors and a strict screening criteria must be passed.
Our work in this segment is therefore specified as one of the extremely important nuclear power plant procedures (an A-rank process requiring quality assurance equivalent to ISO9001 or JEAC).
With our long involvement in nuclear power generation business, Mitsubishi Corporation Power Systems is best suited to carry out work like this.

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