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Delivery of Power Plants (Nuclear, Thermal and Hydro Power)

Electricity is now an essential part of our lives, necessary in all aspects of everyday life, industry and culture.
Mitsubishi Corporation Power Systems strengthens its EPC capabilities with support from engineering and construction companies with an extensive track record and outstanding technology. We bundle a comprehensive range of services that include engineering, procurement, construction, testing, on-site coordination and O&M on everything from thermal and hydro power plants to power transformation, reception and supply facilities.

Our main work covers the entire process from winning the order and concluding the contract to on-site coordination and delivery.

Electricity does more than making our lives comfortable; it is an essential component of society.
Our functions in this business sector cover the entire range from winning the order and concluding the contract to material procurement, construction arrangements, on-site coordination and delivery for the construction of power plants (thermal, nuclear, etc.) as well as providing the framework for power supply.
Using our extensive track record, know-how and vaunted network, we support the development of many thermal power plants, nuclear power plants and power facilities at large-scale factories, and we contribute to the development of the power plants of the future.

The construction of a power plant is a huge project requiring a long completion period of approximately five to ten years

The winning of orders for, and the delivery of, new power plants, which will become a vital part of our society's infrastructure. Discussion, negotiation and coordination with customers over a long period of time is vital because we need to address a variety of needs when constructing large thermal, nuclear or inside-fence power facilities.
The construction of a plant consists of numerous phases that include planning, detailed design, production of manufacturing equipment, on-site installation, testing and commencement of operation, and it is an extremely long process which takes five to ten years.
During this long period, we carry out the work involved in sales activity, price negotiations, conclusion of contacts and delivery. Moreover, our tasks are not limited to the work described earlier, as we also handle various aspects of the coordination work between our customers and the manufacturers as a go-between.
(In this segment, we carry out our business in alliance with Mitsubishi Corporation.)

Construction Process for a Power Plant