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International Trading Business

Our main operations include acting as a marketing agent for overseas companies supplying nuclear fuel to be used in Japanese nuclear power plants, providing information related to nuclear fuel, and acting as an agent and a provider of support service for neutron irradiation of high-purity silicon crystals for semiconductors by overseas research reactors.

Nuclear Fuel Business

All nuclear fuel used in Japanese nuclear power plants is imported from overseas.
We act as an agent or intermediary for North American suppliers interfacing with Japanese power companies.
We also provide a wide range of support services, including the information service to Japanese power companies and other Japanese customers on subjects such as the world nuclear fuel market and industry.
In conducting these businesses, expertise and knowledge in the field of nuclear power and international business practices are required along with language skills. We therefore work in close cooperation with our parent company, Mitsubishi Corporation, and various domestic and overseas contacts. We believe that these operations would not be possible without the relationship of mutual trust that we have built with our domestic and overseas contacts over many years.

Nuclear Fuel Business

Improving the Performance of Silicon Wafers for Semiconductors

In the manufacturing of high-performance silicon wafers for semiconductors of various applications, including hybrid cars, train systems and power distribution and transmission systems, the method known as Neutron Transmutation Doping (irradiation of silicon ingots by neutrons) is often used to improve performance.
In addition to our activity as an agent of overseas research reactors where neutron irradiation is performed, we also provide support to silicon wafer manufacturers in Japan to ensure on-time execution of neutron irradiation abroad.
This operation requires a diligent response, such as close monitoring of the progress of irradiation work, in order to properly meet the needs of our customers.